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Back to Basics

Flyer cover for Back to Basics Bread and Circuses with Back to Basics

A Mayfest New Writing Commission and on tour May - August 1993

Bread and Circuses are writer-performers: Alison Reid, Graham McKenzie, Mary McCann, Catherine Orr, Janet Paisley

The Show

Last Year the Act of Union. This year the act of union.

Overworking a phrase, the Bread and Circuses troupe of acclaimed writer-performers take a tongue-in-cheek look at the art of getting it together 1994 style.

An unholy union, laced with Victorian virtues and spiced with everlasting lust, Back to Basics mixes poetry and sketches in a fast and humorous look at contemporary modern love.


Draws its strength on the power of the written word - Evening Times

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