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Long Haul


Best Writer nomination: Janet Paisley for Long Haul

The Film

Long Haul - a short film
Directed by Bob Blagdon
Starring Gary Lewis and Simone Lahbib

* Best Drama nomination - Royal Television Society 2001
* Best Writer nomination - BAFTA New Talent Awards 2000

Long Haul is based on the short story in Janet Paisley's Wild Fire collection

The Story

A rain-soaked woman walks in front of Mac's lorry, forcing him to stop. When he does, she gets into the cab, expecting a lift. Mac drives long-distance between Aberdeen and Exeter. He likes his own company, Otis Reading's music and not thinking about the trial his marriage and family life have become. The woman doesn't seem to care where she's going. She also turns Mac's cool detachment inside out as their brief encounter forces both of them to face the pain they are each running away from.

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