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Pegasus in Flight

Book cover for Pegasus in Flight Rookbook Publications ISBN 0 948475 04 8

From the Back Cover

… A fresh and welcome new talent on the Scottish cultural scene - Radical Scotland


Janet Paisley… whose assured but unshowy phrasemaking, dark figurative pallette and metrical elegance made her the most technically adroit poet on display… urgent writing from a writer of whom a great deal more will be heard… The HeraldDonny O'Rourke


<box 50% round poetry | Book Extract - Pegasus in Flight> Pegasus in Flight

Now I will not sing to your snapping words
nor dance to your tapping foot.
My wings will no more bear your plucking,
my ear evades your clucking tongue.
And you can raise the whip
and you can draw the fist
and you can bare the fang
but I am gone.

Though sands were set to burn my feet
and snow bit sores into my limbs,
I learned the art
of walking on hot coals.
Now I am deaf while empty swamps cry feed me
and waters wail to find me sleeping in their deeps.

I am in the trees,
seeing the wood
and patient to good time,
pacing a climb that has no pinnacle.
You could not turn me now I am
and your desire could only squeeze
the last single shot that would
set me freer than. </box>

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