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2_warrior_daughter.jpg WARRIOR DAUGHTER is a compelling story inspired by the legendary Scathach. Illuminated by the great Celtic fire festivals, it's a fascinating exploration of conflict within a matriarchal society of the 1st century AD, a culturally rich era rarely explored in historical fiction.

'A riveting, powerful and lusty historical novel of Scotland's warrior queens.'

Off Alba's rugged west coast, on the Island of Wings, the sudden death of warrior queen Kerrigen stuns the Danu tribe and her grieving daughters, Skaaha and Eefay. Guided by druid priests, the bereft community looks for a new leader and the dead queen's rival, Mara, steps into the void. As a culture of threat, fear and danger develops, blacksmith Skaaha and warrior Eefay must try to put sibling rivalry aside in defence of their people, the island and its faith.

Warrior Daughter cuts close to the bone of Celtic History - Sunday Times

This chilling story of jealousy and revenge charts the early life of Skaaha as she becomes the woman later mythologised in Irish legend as Scathach. Featuring the four druid festivals of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lunasa, the novel draws on archaeology, anthropology and classical histories to recreate her Pagan culture.

FILM: Angus Lamont's Crab Apple Films attach Rhianna Pratchett to write Warrior Daughter screenplay Screen Daily


'Paisley's evocation of an ancient Celtic fiefdom is a marvellous marriage of imagination and scholarship' - Lancashire Evening Post - 'a unique and inspiring story that goes far beyond the usual bounds of an historical novel.'

'a fantastic historical novel' Medieval Bookworm - 'a vivid tale' Nayu's Reading Corner

'an inspiring warrior queen… a rather satisfying matriarchal history' Scotland on Sunday

'truly visceral… sexy and adventurous tale… weaves a web of love and lust, betrayal and redemption.' In the News

'meticulously researched… fully formed, deeply realised ancient world… a quite riveting read' - Stirling Observer

'a thrilling adventure… that asks questions that echo forward to the way we live now.' - Highland News

'tangible and touching… Graphic and terrifying… everything about this book is enchanting.' Osprey Journal

'profoundly honest… each one of these characters grows and changes, some in profound ways, which makes the book even more beautiful' Flames and Flowers

'a surprising book that totally enthrals' Historical Novel Society

'Paisley has captured the paradox of our early Celtic ancestry.' Scottish Review of Books 'In Warrior Daughter Paisley has given us issues that need to be argued about, now as much as ever.'

'each one of these characters grows and changes, some in profound ways' The Faerie Scribe

International Reviews

Ukraine: 'Warrior daughter добре ілюструє заперечення імперського та колоніального дискурсів у сучасній літературі: illustrates the opposition of the imperial and colonial discourses in contemporary literature… From the first, the reader enters a psychological world… The problem of finding personal identity, the question of gender culture in a society tolerating freedom of an individual ethnic group - Згадані завдання ставить собі за мету вирішити людина постміленіуму, тобто нашого часу, але на тлі оповіді про кельтів.' Vsesvit

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