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White Rose Rebel



“This is an amazingly powerful book…”
Scottish BOOK OF THE MONTH - Waterstones July 2007

White Rose Rebel is incredibly readable, pacy, lusty, rousing and richly imagined. It is the story of a couple torn apart and set against each other, finding themselves on opposite sides of the battle during the Jacobite Rebellion.
Anne Farquharson is elated when the Jacobites rebel in 1745 and horrified when her husband joins the government army. She raises his clan and, with her lover at her side, joins the rising to become its legendary Colonel Anne.

“Paisley is first-rate” - Scottish Review of Books - “she has reinvented the form and made it her own… her invention of Anne Farquharson is a triumph.”

Penguin. Audio book read by Carol Bonnyman from Oakhill Publishing

“An astounding historical novel, exploring the Jacobite era from a gloriously passionate feminine perspective”


Kate Sinclair and Kevin Loader have teamed up to produce White Rose Rebel. The $10 million project received development funding from the UK Film Council in Nov 2008. IMBD - Filmstalker - Variety - Pretty Scary


“Paisley is first-rate… she has reinvented the form and made it her own.” Scottish Review of Books

“Paisley writes with great passion for her country… one of those stories you wish wouldn't end.” She Reads

“This is an amazingly powerful book… A stunning debut novel.” Hot Brands Cool Places

“A complex, passionate love triangle; a realistic look at the horrific consequences of war…” Publishers Weekly

“This book has it all. It makes you laugh and cry… a fantastic Historical novel” Romantic Fiction

“Anne's dilemma… is brutally punctured by battle scenes of eye-watering gore” Financial Times

“as feisty a heroine as you could wish to meet.” Arran Voice “What's not to love?” The Tennessean

“never less than utterly engaging.” Stirling Observer “Highly recommended” Charlotee & Mecklenburg Library

“brings a host of historical figures to life… a great read full of glamorous brave women” Northern Times

“Het is een zalig boek.” Boekgrrls - “Dit boek heeft het allemaal.” Romantische Boeken

Prestonpans Review discussing Paisley's White Rose Rebel and Gabaldon's Dragonfly in Amber


White Rose Rebel jacket This is history at its most magnificent - New Books Magazine

The inspirational story of Scotland's warrior queen - Herald

hotblooded riposte to the Highland machismo of clan history - Sunday Herald

an empowering and rip-roaring yarn - Scotland on Sunday

a swashbuckling adventure - The Gloss Magazine

her creation of Anne Farquharson is a triumph - Scottish Review of Books

Like Scott, [Paisley] understands how ordinary people can be swallowed up or transformed by history. - Sunday Herald

[Paisley] does it with elegance and sensuality… The Scotsman … a powerful historical page-turner.

A hot little kilt lifter - Sunday Times - a claymore-swinging, heather-igniting, historical adventure. …………… A book to relish - Historical Novels Review

White Rose Rebel will make your heart soar and your Saltire swing - Daily Record

A complex, passionate love triangle; a realistic look at the horrific consequences of war; and a balanced, satisfying resolution mark Paisley’s notable first novel - Publisher's Weekly

Dit boek heeft het allemaal - Romantische Boeken - Het is een zalig boek (a glorious book) - Boekgrrls

Janet Paisley's White Rose Rebel is the best book I have ever read. Ever. - Minda Magero

International Reviews

Germany: 'Bemerkenswert ist auch das Verständnis der Highland-Schotten in Bezug auf Familie, Gleichberechtigung, Sexualität und Ehe, sowie auf die Gastfreundschaft, die selbst dem ärgsten Feind und bei eigener, tiefster Armut gewährt wurde. Downright progressive compared with the rather cramped view of our modern society on these issues.' Histo-Couch

'The type and intensity of social, physical, sexual and political freedom that Janet Paisley impressively describes in her book have won women across Europe' Monika Höpfer. Others: Salome-online - Lesenrockt - Paperblog

'A captivating novel set against the dramatic backdrop of the Scottish struggle for independence.' Buchcouch

Portugal: 'The result of a careful historical research, and with remarkable skill, Janet Paisley has created an extraordinary story de amor, conflito, lealdade e traição que se lê compulsivamente. Uma sensual aventura histórica, repleta de emoção, protagonizada por uma heroína apaixonada e irresistível'. O Meu Vicio

Não existem palavras suficientes para descrever este livro, esta história que nos marca profundamente, que nos mostra o quanto as mentalidades são retrógradas e mesquinhas e, nos faz entender que o amor só pode ser construído pelo respeito e pela liberdade de cada um. In a word: WONDERFUL! Cloroformia do Espirito

'intense… surprising and breathtaking! ADOREI este livro! Não esperava que fosse tão intenso, mas foi de uma maneira surpreendente e arrebatadora! Muitas foram as vezes que chorei de raiva, impotência e medo mas também foram muitas as vezes que sorri com o carinho e o amor que transbordava em cada página.' Mil Estrelas No Colo Others: Crepúsculo Flor - Betita Bookshelf - Viver a Leitura - Portugal Creative

Brazil: 'I loved White Rose Rebel' Lenda nas Entrelinhas Em meio a um confronto bélico pungente, a Rosa Branca vive um amor autêntico e intenso, mas será este sentimento capaz de aliar lados opostos? Info Escola

Great book. Cacau (I) could not help but remember the colonization of Brazil and what the Portuguese did to the Indians in our land. Nessa News a wonderfully interesting story full of drama. Gossip

Others: Um Livro no Cha das Cinco Paixao por livros Skoob


Janet Paisley talks to Penguin and Books from Scotland about White Rose Rebel

The author Replies to Reader's Questions

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