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wicked_.jpg Sandstone Press ISBN 1 905207 07 7

Janet Paisley's hilariously naughty comic novella from Sandstone's Vista series is also available as an Audio book and in a Large Print edition from AudioGo

“Janet Paisley's many fans will savour this comic novella about a relationship on the slide. A feisty, funny read is in store…” Scottish

wicked_ukraine.jpg This book is wicked! True to its title…My Nan is 88 and also found it hilarious. It is about a typical male from a woman's point of view. If you want a good laugh, read this book! - Anita CPRACC at

Enjoyable as quick reads suitable for all readers, Vista books are specifically written for Adult Learners.

Ukrainian translation of Wicked! by Yulia Dzhugastryanska -

From the Back Cover

Jas overhears his wife in bed with an Italian. His plan to retire early and spend their winters in Italy is out the window. He tries to confront Linda but it all goes wrong. Is she toying with him? She’s toying with lots of other things - Italians, sexy underwear, massage oil. Jas tries to end it all but that goes wrong too. Is his life over? Or has he got the wrong end of the stick? Just when things can’t get worse, worse is what they get.


Wicked! is a novel about risk and curiosity, paradox and humour, desire and love. It is a story that you should read, but first of all you need a microscope to see what exists in the ocean of human emotions and motivations of those who cannot be sincere with each other and are afraid of face-to-face communication - George Ryaboy, Ukrainian journalist & critic - The book is a psychotherapy of our society.

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