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Ye Cannae Win

Book cover for Ye Cannae Win Chapman ISBN 0 906772 96 6

From the Back Cover

Ye Cannae Win is the first collection of her monologues which have an uncanny ability to capture the human voice and express the innermost depths of thought and feeling of ordinary people.


Ye Cannae Win - a wonderful collection… Undoubtedly the finest collection of vernacular monologues by a Stirlingshire witch to emerge so far this year - ScotsmanBooks in Brief


<box 50% round prose | Book Extract - Ye Cannae Win>

Sarah: Stranger Danger

Ma da says ee’s gittin a new caur.
N’ah says see r’at man roon n’corner
s’got a funny motor,
s’got lectric windaes,
s’got a compewur in it,
s’got a wee man in it says
Few-elle is low.
N’ma da says whit’ve ah telt you?
N’ah says at’s no sweerin.
N’ma da says mind yer cheek.
Gaun in strange motors?
Whaur’s yer heid?
Whit’ve ah said aboot gaun wi strangers?
N’ah says s’man roon n’air.
N’ma da says aye, n’at’s whit you say!
Whit dae you ken?
Jist you walk hame.
A wee man in it!
Be waantin ye tae go
an see ees puppies next.
N’ah says hus ee got puppies?
N’ma da says Naw, an they never huv.
Onywey, it micht be a rabbit.
but you wullnae see it.
So dinnae you be gaun
in ony mair strange caurs
r’ah’ll gie ye the back ae ma haun.
N’en, whin ah came oot the school
is motor stops, ini man says
m’oan you, ah’ll gie ye a run hame.
N’ah says naw, ye wullnae.
N’ee says, ae ye stupit?
Git in, ah’ve no got aw day.
N’ah says spect ye’ve got a puppy.
N’ee says Sarah, ah’m yer daddy.
N’ah says aye, n’at’s whit you say.
Ee skelpt ma lug!
N’ee says at’s fur yer cheek.
Noo ye kin walk hame.

Spec ee hud a rabbit up ees jook. </box>

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